Poster Awards

Showcase your work to appointed leaders in academia and industry

Presenting at the PharmSci conference

The Annual APS Conference provides a forum where young aspiring scientists can show case their talents alongside world leaders from academia and industry.

Present your work as a poster and be selected for a podium presentation at the conference or be judged the best poster.

PharmSci 2018-APS@FIP

First prize: “Scale- independent manufacture of liposomal vaccine adjuvants”. Carla Belen Roces- Rodrigues (University of Strathclyde).

Joint Second prize: “Development of implants for prolonged drug delivery”. Sarah Stewart (Queen’s University Belfast).

Joint Second prize: “Physicochemical characterisation of spray dried ternary solid dispersions of simvastatin. Processability, tableting and dissolution”. Hanan Abdalmaula (University of Bradford).

PharmSci 2017

Dara Fitzpatrick-University College Cork

Amira Guirguis- University of Hertfordshire

Abhishek Gupta-University of Wolverhampton

Aaron Hutton-Queens universitty- Belfast

Jong Bong Lee- University of Nottingham

Mark Laws- Kings College London

William Marks-University of Cambridge

Simmi Patel- University of Hertfordshire

Holly Siddique- University of East London