Professor Begoña Delgado-Charro

Position: Professor in Biopharmaceutics
Categories: The APS Board

M.B. Delgado Charro is a Professor in biopharmaceutics at the University of Bath.

Begona graduated in Pharmacy, received a PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology, and was a MEC-Fulbright fellow & visiting Assistant Professor at UCSF (1991-1993). She has worked as an academic at the Universities of Santiago de Compostela and Geneva, and since 2004, at the University of Bath where she is currently a Reader. She was a National Expert on Secondment at the European Medicines Agency (10/2015-9/2016) where she worked in business intelligence in drug development and Road-to-Market analysis.

Dr Delgado-Charro research focuses on transdermal and topical drug delivery, the development of optimized methods to treat and prevent nail diseases, non-invasive sampling for drug monitoring and pharmacokinetics, and the assessment of topical bioavailability and bioequivalence. Her work has been funded by several private and public sponsors and her scholastic work (Scopus author ID: 7003434711) includes 105 peer-reviewed scientific articles, 10 book chapters, and several patent applications. Her academic work focuses on the areas of pharmacokinetics and pharmaceutics in the frame of Pharmacy and Pharmacology degrees.

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