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Emerging Technologies.

Call for Nominations for the committee for this newly formed Focus Group

The strategies and manufacturing processes for production of dosage forms, medical devices and implants, are experiencing significant advancement. New materials and manufacturing techniques are emerging with potential to address the challenges associated with the manufacture of pharmaceutical systems that will teach new tricks to old drugs and on the development of new personalised medical devices and implants. Emerging technologies (e.g., 3D printing & bioprinting, microfluidics, and BioMEMS), have the potential to produce systems that were not possible to produce a few years ago. Techniques such as 3D printing have experienced a significant price reduction making possible its use in pharmacies or hospitals for multiple applications. Other techniques such as microfluidics and BioMEMS have the potential to be used for the preparation of medical devices or drug delivery systems that adapted to the requirements of each patient. Therefore, in this focus group, we are planning to bring together researchers working in emerging technologies, such as 3D Printing, Bioprinting, Microfluidics and BioMEMS, for the manufacturing of drug delivery systems, biosensors, medical devices, and implants.

• Established in March 2021 and aim to bring together scientists interested in the field of Emerging Technologies.
• Collaborates and coordinate with other relevant organisations active in the field, with a view to reviewing current “hot topics” in the field and establishing meetings, dialogue and scientific consensus.
• Provides continuing education for the membership through training symposia, focussed workshops/seminars and webinars.
• Provides support to Early Career Scientists and acts as a platform for bridging the gap between industry and academia.

My name is Dimitrios Lamprou and I am the first Chair of the Emerging technologies Focus Group (FG), which established in March 2021 with the aim to bring together scientists interested in the field of Emerging Technologies and bridging the gap between industry and academia in this exciting field. From the beginning of my career, I always had a strong interested in Drug Delivery & Emerging Technologies, and finally now with APS FG we have a “home” to bring all these Emerging Technologies in one FG and work towards the development of drug delivery systems and medical devices that were not possible to produce a few years ago.


I am the author of over 150 peer-reviewed publications, have over 400 conference abstracts, given over 150 Oral/Invited Talks, and I have secure Funding in excess of £5M. My research and academic leadership have recognised in a range of awards, including the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Science Award and the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance Leaders Scheme Award. My research Lab is applying Emerging Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Technologies (e.g., 3D Printing, Bioprinting, 4D Printing, Electrospinning, Microfluidics, and lab-on-a-chip) in the Manufacturing of Drug Delivery Systems, Medical Devices & Implants. For more info please follow the link.