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New Scientist Focus Group (NSFG)

The focus group steering committee includes scientists from industry and academia.

The New Scientists Focus Group aims to achieve the following:

Provide advice to new scientists on the potential career paths and development opportunities available to them within the pharmaceutical sciences.
Demonstrate the diversity of pharmaceutical sciences and highlight the opportunities available to scientists from a wide-range of backgrounds and disciplines.
Promote interaction and collaboration between new and eminent scientists.
To attract new scientists to the APS by engaging and educating them about the aims and benefits of the APS, and encourage them to become members of the APS.
To support and advise the Students of the APS (SAPS)

Matt is a Pharmaceutical Scientist at GlaxoSmithKline. Matt graduated from Bath University with a degree in Pharmacy in 1997 and completed a PhD in Pharmaceutics at De Montfort University in 2003 under Dr Geoff Smith. In 2002 he joined GlaxoSmithKline in Product Development specialising in the development of inhaled products. During his career at GSK, Matt has worked in both the research and development and manufacturing side of the organisation. In his current role, Matt provides technical support to GSK’s global network of manufacturing sites.

Matt became a member of the New Scientist Focus Group of the APS in 2001 and has enjoyed the opportunities it has afforded him to interact with emerging scientists while expanding his own professional network.

Laura has an active research group investigating phenomena at the interface of chemistry and pharmaceutics, developing analytical techniques, characterising chemical interactions and enhancing formulations. Laura is passionate about public engagement and often undertakes public lectures and media presentations, having appeared on Channel 4, BBC1, BBC2 and several radio programmes such as Woman’s Hour, Radio 4. Laura has been involved in the NSFG for several years and is keen to encourage students and postgraduates to network to maximise their opportunities in pharmaceutical science.

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