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All focus groups are keen to have interest from new members. You will be contacted by the focus group leader.

Why you should get involved

Small is beautiful. While we are a small network there are many opportunities to develop collaborations and we are keen to support young researchers in their needs.

The APS Focus groups participates in an annual symposium at the UCL School of Pharmacy which is held in the second week of October and organised by the UCL society ‘Spices and Medicines’. Read more.

We organise symposia both in the area of drug development and herbal medicines research and practice.

In early July 2019 we are planning a symposium ‘From botanical drugs to new (and old) medicines’ to be held at the University of Bradford (chair Prof. Colin Wright).

If you have an interest in the natural prodcuts and would like to contribute to the planning and delivery of our meetings then get in touch. It is a great opportunity to network with scientists who share your interests.