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Lightpoint Medical receives grant to carry out breast cancer clinical trial.....           Solasia, Lee?s Pharma sign license agreement for Sancuso.....           Children?s cancer death rates drop by 24% in last decade.....           Accutest, Fox Chase Cancer Center partner on clinical trials for oncology.....           Sinclair IS Pharma to sell non-aesthetics business to Alliance Pharma.....           EC approves Boehringer Ingelheim?s Praxbind anticoagulant reversal agent.....           hVIVO raises £20.5m to support portfolio development.....           The most popular FiercePharma stories of 2015.....           EC approves Cotellic/Zelboraf combination to treat advanced melanoma.....           Amgen submits BLA to FDA for ABP 501.....           Impax wins European approval for NUMIENT to treat Parkinson's Disease.....           AAIPharma/Cambridge Major Laboratories to invest $15m for laboratories expansion.....           FDA approves Seqirus' Fluad for adults aged 65 years and older against seasonal influenza.....           Allergan collaborates with Rugen Therapeutics to develop ASD and OCD therapies.....           GSK begins dosing in phase III study of sirukumab for treatment of giant cell arteritis.....           EC approves expanded label for Pfizer's Xalkori NSCLC drug.....           Teva signs licensing deal with Heptares Therapeutics for migraine treatments.....           Xellia Pharmaceuticals acquires Hikma's Ohio manufacturing plants.....           Green Cross submits biologics license application to FDA for IVIG-SN.....           Adaptimmune starts phase I / II study evaluating affinity enhanced T-Cell therapy.....           Orgenesis, Biosequel partner to conduct clinical trials for Type 1 diabetes in Russia.....           Spurned Shire preps new takeover offer for longtime target Baxalta.....           Mylan may soon find itself wrestling former target Perrigo for deals.....           Turing offers discounts instead of cutting controversial list price on Daraprim.....           Xellia Pharma buys former Boehringer Ben Venue plant, once the poster child of quality failings.....           Amgen nabs Kyprolis OK in Europe as U.S. competition mounts.....           European Commission approves Novartis' Entresto heart failure drug.....           European Commission approves Novartis' Entresto heart failure drug.....           Brickell Biotech secures rights to ROR gamma inhibitors for psoriasis.....           GSK gets expansion approval for Volibris drug in Europe.....           FDA declines to approve Indivior's naloxone nasal spray for opioid overdose.....           Idera, GSK to collaborate on third generation antisense molecules to treat renal disease.....           FDA approves Pradaxa for prophylaxis of deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.....           Samumed completes Phase II study for potential treatment of androgenetic alopecia.....           LSP, Bristol-Myers Squibb partner to work on immuno-oncology innovation in Europe.....           Arsanis starts phase 1 study of lead product candidate ASN100.....           JAMA: Gilead, AbbVie hep C meds cost-effective even in early stages of liver disease.....           Novartis' Entresto gets the go-ahead in Europe.....           Trump, Clinton lash out at Pfizer over Allergan deal agreement.....           Forget Pfizer and Allergan, Teva is the pharma getting the most market love these days.....           Ever-loyal Ackman raises stake in embattled Valeant.....           Dr. Reddy's blasted in warning letter for hiding existence of testing lab from FDA.....           Pfizer acquires Allergan in $160bn deal.....           Pershing Square increases stake in Valeant Pharmaceuticals.....           AstraZeneca agrees to sell US rights for Entocort drug to Perrigo.....           EC grants marketing authorisation to Gilead's Genvoya for HIV-1 infection.....           M Pharmaceutical signs LOI to buy reformulated orlistat for weight loss from Chelatexx.....           CHMP recommends Samsung Bioepis' Enbrel biosimilar for EU approval.....           EC grants marketing authorisation for Vertex's ORKAMBI cystic fibrosis drug.....           Kadmon inks deal with Jinghua to develop antibody product candidates in China.....           UK and Bill Gates launch £1bn fund to tackle malaria.....           FDA approves Ninlaro oral medication to treat multiple myeloma.....           UPDATED: Pfizer finally gets its inversion with $160B Allergan megamerger agreement.....           Novartis snags new approvals for Cosentyx in Europe.....           Amgen's Repatha scores an exclusive with CVS.....           Perrigo gets AstraZeneca Crohn's treatment as it moves past Mylan's failed takeover attempt.....           Takeda's Velcade successor gets quick FDA approval.....           With veteran job-choppers Pfizer and Allergan joining hands, how many layoffs are in the cards?.....           FDA approves BMS' Opdivo for kidney cancer a week after granting priority review.....           Baxalta applies for clinical trial of BAX 826 to treat haemophilia A.....           Janssen seeks US approval for extended release formulation of Invokamet for type 2 diabetes.....           CHMP recommends Samsung Bioepis' Enbrel biosimilar for EU approval.....           Novartis to pay $390m to settle US civil fraud lawsuit.....           Pfizer, Allergan agree on $150B-plus megamerger: WSJ.....           RSS NEWSFEED....
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The Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS) is the UK-based professional membership body for Pharmaceutical Scientists.

We represent individuals and organisations from around the globe, throughout their development, in the delivery of excellence in the Pharmaceutical Science sector.
Recent meetings

APS 20th Anniversary International Pharmaceutical Photostability Conference 2015
5-7 October 2015 - Loughborough

In this International Year of Light 2015, the APS was particularly pleased to present this event, which was a one-day workshop and a two-day conference.
The course was suitable for those who are new to the topic of pharmaceutical photostability and photostability testing and also for those who wished to brush up on the basic concepts prior to the PPS’015 conference that followed it.


6th APS International PharmSci Conference
7-9 September 2015 - Nottingham

The 6Th APS International PharmSci Conference - A summary from David Jones, Science Chair 2015

It has been my great pleasure and indeed honour to be the Chairman of this year’s APS conference. The excellent programme, involving both national and international contributors, was beautifully complemented by the wonderful energy and enthusiasm of all delegates. The scope of scientific disciplines was wide and encompassed many key themes of the pharmaceutical sciences including, drugs from natural sources, solid state pharmaceutics, formulation science, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical microbiology, nanosciences and material sciences, to name but a few.


6th APS International PharmSci Conference
7-9 September 2015 - Nottingham

Exploring The 6Th APS International PharmSci Conference - A Hugh Success…

An overview from Bill Dawson, APS Chair

The flagship Academy conference was a huge success, building on its previous strengths on its return to the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham. The balance between academia and industry was maintained and many young pharmaceutical scientists had their first opportunity to present either poster or podium presentation which is a major strength of PharmSci.


Latest News
APS Developing new drugs for respiratory diseases
APS Developing new drugs for respiratory diseases – how can clinical imaging of the lungs help?. GSK, Stevenage Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd January 2016. Purpose of meeting To review the state-of-the-art in respiratory imaging as applied to drug discovery and development. The focus will be on how imaging can be used to benefit all aspects of the drug discovery and development phases and which modalities may suit some aspects, but not others. The overall aim is to define the state of the art regarding clinical imaging of the lungs and how this can be applied to pharmaceutical discovery and medicines optimisation. Challenge At present there is little coordination of imaging with regard to its applications, strengths and weaknesses, best practice, key parameter. As an outline, here are some of the main challenges:. Is it satisfactory for everyone to be “doing their own thing”, or could some harmonisation be of real value? There appears to be a distinct lack of early investigative work on target engagement - is anybody working on this or is this something that needs to be addressed? What is the role/value of imaging in drug discovery for both early and late phase assets? Does imaging have a role in long term patient care? Are the benefits of imaging accepted and do they receive regulatory recognition. What are the practical issues (ethical concerns, IP constraints, developing and validating new techniques) that challenge further developments in imaging and wider application? Opportunities When developing new drugs for the inhaled route, what needs can be satisfied by imaging modalities – and which require further investment to make it a reality? From a Pharma perspective, imaging may have additive value in decision-making if it can:. Demonstrate pharmacological engagement of the target of interest in the lung (and if possible the distribution of the inhaled dose). Provide additional information that supports improvement of lung function beyond FEV1 to demonstrate efficacy, so Imaging modalities can demonstrate efficacy in their own right. Define new image based endpoints e.g. airway volume and correlate with existing endpoints. Show improved ventilation/perfusion, gas flow, oxygenation in patients post or during therapy that is sustained, so look at vascular performance, density and anatomy and correlate with physiological change. Can track inflammation (neutrophils, eosinophils, macrophages, T-Cells) or patterns of fibrotic change over time. Is able to also show deterioration of lung performance as disease progresses or potential detrimental side effects of long term drug use? So imaging can demonstrate both acute drug effects and chronic drug effects, and define how imaging endpoints change with drug action eg vascular MRI changes following administration of a pulmonary vascular vasodilator has not been looked at. Provide exposure to allow introduction in to clinical practice and hence further validation. Proposed outcomes By bringing clinical imaging groups together, it may be possible to recognise the opportunities in emerging imaging developments and apply these to areas of unmet need for the pharmaceutical industry. State of the art publication on how clinical imaging is used today and what it needs to do for the future. To bring imaging groups closer together and maybe develop a Respiratory Imaging subgroup? To identify the key gaps from a Pharma perspective and seek to resolve them. Start to define which imaging techniques are good for which endpoints and therefore which techniques can tackle different mechanisms of drug action. The possibility of seeking precompetitive funding (through IMI for example) to address gaps. A source of reference for justifying any particular imaging modality on future studies For more information on the programme, registration fees and to book your place, please visit us online here:
APS Notification of paper publication for the Age related Medicines Focus Group
The APS is pleased to announce that a paper has been published as a result of the APS Parkinson’s disease: From Patient to Product meeting held in May this year to celebrate the 300th anniversary of GSK’s Allen and Hanburys subsidiary. This meeting focussed on Parkinson’s and the opportunities Pharmaceutical Scientists have to improve the life of patients suffering from this terrible disease.. APS Parkinson’s disease meeting commentary has been published-Wahlich et al. Meeting commentary-Parkinson’s disease: From patient to product. Int J Pharm 494 (2015) 167-171.
Recognising Inspirational Scientists and Engineers (RISE)
The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) RISE Award and the APS. Professor Kevin Shakesheff, University of Nottingham, was one of 10 scientists and engineers named by the EPSRC as RISE (Recognising Inspirational Scientists and Engineers) Leader ( This award was part of the EPSRC’s celebration of its 20th anniversary and was open to nominations across all areas of engineering and physical sciences.. The APS nominated Professor Shakesheff in recognition of his role in the pharmaceutical sciences especially in the use of principles of pharmaceutics and advanced materials in the field of regenerative medicine. As part of the RISE Award, Professor Shakesheff was mentored by Professor Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust. Reflecting on the year of events to celebrate the RISE Awards, Professor Shakesheff said “I am very grateful for the support of the pharmaceutical sciences research community that led to me being named an EPSRC RISE Leader. For over 20 years I have considered the UK pharmaceutical sciences community to be my main research home as I have explored interdisciplinary research opportunities and new clinical translation routes in regenerative medicine. The fact that one of only 10 researchers named as a RISE Leader was from our field is a strong endorsement of the standing of pharmaceutical sciences within the UK and especially the physical sciences that are the foundation for medicines design and manufacturing..
APS BioCity SME Showcase
The SME Showcase has been a stalwart of PharmSci for the last 15 years and has always drawn enthusiastic companies in the pharmaceutical science space to present their innovative activities and to have an opportunity to network. This year was no exception but the format was changed to allow greater participation- two sessions in the main conference- and we were pleased to have the partnership of BioCity as a key sponsor. BioCity created a networking space in the main atrium with an excellent Barista, ‘200 Degrees’ a local Nottingham company serving very good coffee which certainly added a new and positive dimension to these sessions and was appreciated by all.. . The Showcase contributors range from pure discovery companies through formulation and analytical support, often with significant innovation included through to support companies offering guidance on planning or delivering packages to facilitate registration of potential medicines, diagnostics or devices.. . The double session allowed us to have two plenaries and we took the opportunity to have BioCity executives reflect on the extensive offerings for the BioCity family set against the scene of incubator facilities in the UK and the needs of SMEs as they develop. It was a key message from Toby Reid, Director of BioCity Nottingham that tailored company specific support was essential and that such support needed to be maintained going forward. Simon MacKenzie, CEO of BioAscent discussed the availability of compound libraries from the Scottish BioCity facility. It is a given that many biologically driven discovery SMEs will need to explore the chemical space around their lead molecules and the BioAscent offering is an effective way to achieve this. BioCity have many resident clients across their four facilities and they are now seeing clear benefits from the networking opportunities that this provides.. . Quality Context have recognised that the quality agenda is crucially important in the regulated world of new medicines and devices and offer a bespoke service majoring in this across clinical services but they have a very strong analytical component looking at raw materials, intermediates and finished materials.. . XenoGesis has developed specialist services in the drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics field which supplies preclinical laboratory support in this area but has broadened to include consultation on molecules and suggesting approaches to improve their ‘drug-like’ characteristics.. . It was good to have Netzsch present the opportunities that particle size reduction offers to help the development of potential new medicines. These benefits are not limited to orally presented medicines but also should be considered for a wider range of formulations and consistent size reduction is key.. . Sirius have presented at previous Showcases but this year they talked about their novel approach to formulating parenteral molecules which of course brings in the important world of biological entities. They have developed a novel in vitro method for investigating bioavailability from subcutaneous formulations which included protein precipitation and subsequent re-dissolution.. . Kinases and proteases are key targets in a range of therapeutic indications, notable in oncology and Aurelia bioscience offers bioassay development to facilitate discovery and exploitation of new molecules derived from chemistry or biological sources. They are also able to benchmark reagents offered for use in these assays which is a novel addition to their armamentarium.. . Stability testing is central to development, manufacture and supply of medicines but Biopharma Stability Testing Laboratory Ltd has seen that this need can be extended to both hospital pharmacy and home care markets. They offer bespoke services in this area and showed how their work had extended the use of a topical product with substantial cost savings to the NHS.. . Preclinical safety testing is offered by Paracelsis who provide a service that is essential for SMEs and in some cases larger companies who do not have the ability or capacity to conduct such tests. They concentrate on reformulated or new routes of administration for existing products with a bespoke service offering that includes pharmacokinetic analysis.. . Critical Pharmaceuticals have developed the use of supercritical fluid technology to formulate molecules including biologicals for parenteral use. They postulate that it will help in the formulation of labile APIs as no other solvents are used and may facilitate long acting versions of a range of biological molecules. They are able to add polymers to support controlled release too.. . APTrans is a very interesting offering from a number of companies within Alderley Park, part of BioCity Macclesfield. The individual companies in the ecosystem for drug development are led by senior ex-pharma executives and they range from preclinical safety, clinical delivery, chemistry manufacturing and controls alongside regulatory, discovery and business development capacity. The concept of an integrated offering from a group of small expert companies is very attractive and it will be interesting to follow its progression.. . CNBio innovations is a company developing human organ-on-a-chip platforms for the development of therapeutics for serious diseases. They spoke at PharmSci some years ago and their presentation reflected the rapid advances they had made since then. They did comment that their first presentation at PharmSci had been a useful experience for them. They have achieved support form Innovate UK and from the US DARPA programme and it is good to see that SMEs presenting at PharmSci can do so well.. . Wickham Laboratories Ltd offer specialised pharmaceutical and medical device testing in the fields of microbiology and toxicology. They offer bespoke services and are compliant with the many regulatory processes required in this area.. . ThermoFisher could hardly be classed as an SME but within their Scientific Services division is a small unit specialising in quality assured data integrity, a key brick in the process leading to the registration of medicines, devices and diagnostics. APS took the view that an analysis of current guidelines issued by MHRA in this area would be useful to many of the organisations presenting at PharmSci and also to the wider community of pharmaceutical scientists.. . Formulation at the early stages of compound selection and progression is a useful addition to the standard preclinical set of tests. Kuecept is a company which supplies such a service, including analytical services and pharmacokinetic analysis and their expertise is focussed on the application of drug delivery technologies to facilitate drug development.. . The regulatory world has increased in complexity over the years and it is often essential for an SME to take specialist advice in this area. Jenny Walsh Consulting provides such advice but with a focus on paediatric medicines and with the introduction of Paediatric Investigation Plans (PIPs) by the regulators this is an important and rapidly growing area. APS are exploring having consultancies present within the SME sessions so we will be interested in feedback on whether you appreciate this innovation. Our thanks to Jenny for helping us.. . Sourcing biotechnology supplies has always been an issue but has become increasingly difficult with the increased complexity of regulatory requirements in the field of biologicals from both a safety and efficacy context. Patricell supplies a wide range of cell systems and related media as well as a comprehensive range of immunological reagents. Again, this is an addition to the SME Showcase so comments are welcome on this wider range of companies on show.. . Tim Bates discussed repurposing established drugs for cancer chemotherapy and the company, Drugs with a Difference that he has established to explore these opportunities. There have been a range of molecules shown to have potential activity in new areas but there is no recognised process to facilitate this. The company will seek to untie this knot.. . Hiden Isochema presented on novel advances in vapor sorption analysis which is key in identifying vapor and gas including water in active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients. It was interesting that the technology is also useful in looking at amorphous material within crystalline pharmaceutical powders.. . 17 companies presented at the two sessions in Showcase 2015, many from our partner organisation BioCity. Talking with the presenters afterwards there seemed to be a good feel for the networking opportunity the Showcase presented and certainly there was a buzz around the atrium between sessions. Feedback is always useful- we do seek to provide participants with a programme they enjoy so let us know your views..
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