APS Academy Awards for Pharmaceutical Scientists

Nominations for fellowships is now open – closing date is 30th April 2022

All applications will be reviewed by a panel composed of members from the APS board and Advisory board. Applicants will be notified of the result within 4 weeks.

Please email your application to info@apsgb.co.uk


A Fellowship is the highest and most prestigious honour awarded by the APS to members each year in recognition of their contribution to the Academy and their accomplishment and impact in any sector of the pharmaceutical sciences. Recipients of the 2022 APS fellowship(s) will be recognised at the conference dinner (8th September) at the APS PharmSci conference in Belfast.

A Fellow is an active member of the APS who has provided service to the scientific community, made a significant and distinct contribution to the APS and has had clear impact in pharmaceutical science.

Upon award of a Fellowship, a Fellow will

  • receive recognition from their peers for their excellent achievements in the profession and the field of pharmaceutical science.
  • be able to use the post-nominal letters, FAPS.
  • have opportunities to network with other Fellows, enabling the formation of new collaborations and partnerships.
Please click here to view our full criteria list via PDF download.


Following award of a fellowship, the honoured individual is expected to continue to be part of the diverse community of Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS) fellows who actively contribute to and support the APS, the wider pharmaceutical science community and emerging pharmaceutical scientists.


In addition, a Fellow is expected to


  • advocate on behalf of the APS and the pharmaceutical science community and by doing so strengthen the voice of the academy and support the future of pharmaceutical science.


  • be inspirational by acting as a role model, and where appropriate a mentor, for the pharmaceutical science community, and in particular the next generation of pharmaceutical scientists, enabling them to develop the experience and expertise they need to become future leaders.

Fran Greco
Rachel Knott
Phillip Seib


Ryan Donnelly
Janet Halliday
Matthew Reason
Driton Vllasaliu


Dave Berry
Begona Delgado-Charro
Bindhu Gururajan
John Hartley
Kevin King
Andrew Lewis
Ali Nokhodchi
Mine Orlu
Bhavik Patel
Gerry Steele
Martin Whitaker
Gareth Williams


Afzal R Mohammed


Paul Colthorpe,
Jerry Heng,
Joshua Boateng
Michael Gamlem


Cynhia Bosquillon
Stephen Brown
Sawsan El Masay


Jamshed Anwar
Adrian Williams


Kendal Pitt
John Mitchell

Recipients 2020

Alastair Coupe

Past Recipients

Gavin Andrews
Jeremy Guy Clarke
Dennis Douroumis.
Michael Heinrich
Majella Lane
Kendal Pitt
Mike Tobyn


Jo Craig
Malcolm Dash
Gavin Halbert
Martin Snowdon


Professor Don Cairns


Professor David Jones
Dr Ali Rajabi-Siahboomi


Professor Trevor Jones


Professor Thomas Rades
Professor Ijeoma Uchegbo
Dr Zhongwei Gu


Professor Graham Buckton
Roger Davey
Professor Martyn Davies
Professor Bill Dawson
Professor Ruth Duncan
Gillian Eccleston
Professor Gregory Gregoriades
Professor Richard Guy
Professor Jonathan Hadgraft
Professor Jayne Lawrence
Professor Tony Moffat
Professor Yvonne Perrie
Professor Malcolm Rowlands
Professor John Stainforth
Professor Howard Stevens
Dr David Tainsh
Professor David Thurston
Professor Steve Wicks
Professor Peter York

Download the full Fellowship information here

Eminent Fellows 2020

This is an award recognising science and experience at international level with emphasis on advocacy and leadership.

Alastair Coupe 
Senior Director
“I am passionate about pharmaceutical sciences and want to contribute to making the UK the best place to do science and help develop our scientific leaders of the future.”

Fellows 2020

This is a science driven award and is self-nominated or nominated by members of the APS.

Fran Greco
Associate Professor, Drug Delivery
University of Reading

Rachel Knott

Phillip Seib
Senior Lecturer in Cellular Pharmaceutics
University of Strathclyde

"Across the broad spectrum of its activities, APS provides a unique hub for pharmaceutical scientists in the UK to connect, learn and contribute. The award of a prestigious APS Fellowship is wonderful recognition for any pharmaceutical scientist, while providing an independent and rigorous endorsement by the UK’s pharmaceutical science community for the awardee’s contribution to the field. It is a great honour to be a recipient. I hope that, through my continued involvement with the APS Nanomedicine Focus Group, I am able to give back to the community by furthering scientific knowledge, shaping policy and promoting careers"