Who We Are

The Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS) is the UK-based professional membership body for Pharmaceutical Scientists.

We represent individuals and organisations from around the globe, throughout their development, in the delivery of excellence in the Pharmaceutical Science sector.

Pharmaceutical Scientists are experts in the research, development and manufacture of medicines. They have a major role in the regulation of medicines and understanding their use in patients.

What We Do

The APS is a not-for-profit organisation. We use revenues to champion innovation and opportunity in Pharmaceutical Sciences thereby improving the development and delivery of medicines for the benefit of patients. Our four key strategic themes, which are the foundation of all APS activities, are:

  • Establish and promote the reputation of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Scientists
  • Influence policy
  • Further scientific knowledge
  • Promote careers

APS Priorities

  • Ensure that we continue to deliver high quality scientific content to our members
  • Attract and retain a diverse and engaged membership community
  • Deliver a successful face to face PharmSci conference
  • Provide a vibrant Focus Group community with new groups aligned with current scientific areas
  • Promote and enhance diversity across our membership, board and fellows
  • Support and grow our accredited institution community

The APS Board & Advisory Board


Jason Crooks

Categories: The APS Advisory Board

Jason is Team Director, Drug Product Development, Oral and Inhaled, GlaxoSmithKline.

Jason completed his undergraduate and post graduate education in Pharmacy at Kings College London. In 1997 he joined the SmithKline Beecham clinical manufacturing group where he built experience in the manufacture and release of oral and intravenous dose forms and since then has led several multidisciplinary teams in the development, registration and launch of IV and OSD products across the GSK portfolio. This has included assignments in medicine and process delivery, cell and gene therapy and more recently in process engineering and analytics focussed on platform modernisation and alignment.


Dr Linda Hakes

Categories: The APS Advisory Board

Linda has more than 40 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, having worked for companies such as Glaxo, Marion Merrell Dow, Celltech, Eli Lilly, Schwarz Pharma AG and UCB Biosciences. Her experience covers pharmaceutical development, preclinical development, clinical trial supplies, quality assurance and project leadership. Since 2016 Linda has been an independent consultant with a focus on pharmaceutical development and development strategy.

Linda is a Vice President of FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation), a member of the Assembly of Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) and the immediate past Chairman of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She is also visiting Professor at Sunderland University and is eligible to be a Qualified Person. Linda is a Fellow of both the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and FIP.


Professor David Jones

Categories: The APS Advisory Board

David is Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students) and Professor of Biomaterials Science at Queen’s University Belfast.

As an internationally renowned pharmaceutical/biomedical engineer my research seeks to provide engineering solutions to medical and pharmaceutical problems. These include innovations in the design of drug containing implants and medical devices to that reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with medical device related infection. Commercialisation of this research has occurred and is ongoing. Within the pharmaceutical domain, I have developed novel implants for the treatment of local diseases and, additionally, engineering technologies to develop new dosage forms, including strategies in which drugs of low solubility (negating their clinical utility) may be developed for clinical usage.


Professor Trevor Jones

Categories: The APS Advisory Board

Trevor is Chairman of the Drug Discovery Company, e-Therapeutics and a member of the Boards of Directors of Techimmune LLC and EDX Medical plc. He was a Director of Allergan Inc. (USA), R&D Director of The Wellcome Foundation and Director General of The ABPI.

He holds honorary degrees and Gold Medals from 8 universities; is a founder member of Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV);was a member of The UK Government Regulatory Agency, The Medicines Commission; advisor to the Cabinet Office on the Human Genome project; Chair of the UK Government Advisory Group on Genetics Research; member of the Wales Government Bevan Commission on health; the EU Commission IMI Scientific Advisory Board…and advised the Government of the Netherlands TiPharma on Life Science.


Professor Jayne Lawrence

Categories: The APS Advisory Board

Jayne is currently Professor and Head of Pharmacy and Optometry at the University of Manchester University. Prior to this she was Professor and Head of the Pharmaceutical Biophysics Group, Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, King’s College London and Chief Scientist at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

Jayne is a pharmacist who. in addition to working in academia, has spent time working in community, hospital and industrial pharmacy. Her research is focuses on improving the delivery of drugs and genetic material, with a special interest determining detailed the molecular architecture of the delivery systems using neutron scattering techniques. Jayne also uses neutron reflectometry to understand the interaction of drugs and genetic material with biomembranes.


Dr Mark McAllister

Categories: The APS Advisory Board

Dr Mark McAllister is a Senior Director and Head of Global Biopharmaceutics, part of the Drug Product Design group at Pfizer in Sandwich, Kent. He is a Pharmacy graduate from Queen’s University Belfast and has a pharmaceutics PhD from Aston University. Mark has over 25 years industrial development experience and has specialised in oral delivery systems and biopharmaceutics. He is a former chair of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences and is currently a visiting senior lecturer at King’s College London.

Mark co-led the IMI ‘OrBiTo’ biopharmaceutics project, an academic/industrial collaboration, focused on the development of the next generation of models to predict oral absorption and he currently participates in a number of pre-competitive research programmes including COLOTAN, AGePOP and InPharma Marie Skłodowska-Curie innovative training networks. Mark is a fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


Dr John Wahlich

Categories: The APS Advisory Board

John is a chemist with over 40 years’ experience in Pharmaceutical Development gained with a number of major pharmaceutical companies.

He obtained his BSc from Bristol University and his PhD (part-time) from University of Nottingham School of Pharmacy. Until November 2010 he was a Vice President in GlaxoSmithKline and ran various multi-national departments involved with analytical chemistry, Product Line Extension development, physical properties and developability and early stage CMC support. He has a good knowledge of Quality by Design, Change Control and Technology Transfer. He is currently CEO of John Wahlich Associates Ltd a consulting company specialising in the pharmaceutical sciences.

John is currently consulting for a number of companies on early stage product development. He is an Advisory Board member of the UK Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS), has co-hosted successful workshops on drug developability and has co-organised a number of APS International Pharm Sci conferences (the UK’s premier Pharm Sci event).