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FDA approves Avanir's Phase II trial of MDD candidate AVP-786.....           CTI BioPharma expands access to PIXUVRI with approval in Israel.....           Celsion gets $1m NIH grant for Glioblastoma Research with ThermoDox and HIFU.....           Celladon announces In-license of stem cell factor development program.....           TFS selects OmniComm TrialMaster for global clinical trial research.....           Harvard Medical School, Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation Contract leverages the tranSMART open-source knowledge management platform.....           Anacor Pharmaceuticals, Sandoz ink deal to commercialize KERYDIN in US.....           Durata Therapeutics launches DALVANCE for injection in US.....           Lannett inks deal with Symplmed for US distribution of authorized generic of ACEON.....           Regeneron, Bayer release positive Phase III trial results of EYLEA to treat DME.....           Synergy closes patient enrollment in Phase II trial of SP-333 in patients OIC.....           Animal health companies not exempt from FDA marketing regs, either.....           Roche CEO: No appetite for expensive megadeals here.....           Pharma peer pressure makes tax-friendly M&A targets the new must-have.....           Defensive Allergan plots 1,500 job cuts, hikes forecast to fight off Valeant.....           Gilead litigation says claims by Merck, AbbVie on Sovaldi are patently wrong.....           JAMA: Hep C drugs could add $300 to every American's insurance premium.....           Janssen to start phase III trial of daratumumab in multiple myeloma in Q4 2014.....           Amgen reports positive Phase III results for AMG 416 to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism in CKD patients.....           Agile Therapeutics announces allowance of additional patent claims for Skinfusion.....           Cynapsus Therapeutics commences Phase II clinical trials in US.....           Purdue Pharma gets FDA approval for 7.5 mcg/hour dosage strength of Butrans transdermal system CIII.....           MorphoSys gets additional patents on Ylanthia in US and first patent in China.....           Rexahn provides update on Phase I Supinoxin trial in cancer patients with solid tumors.....           China allows trial of investigators of GSK sex-tape scandal to go public.....           AbbVie finally gets Shire, its low tax base and enough new drugs to protect its future.....           FedEx indicted for delivering drugs to addicts from illegal web pharmacies.....           Valeant wants Allergan shareholders to see growth at Bausch & Lomb.....           Top officials at FDA's India office bolt after less than a year.....           BMS, Pfizer begin patient enrollment in Phase IV EMANATE trial of Eliquis.....           Integral Molecular announces patent allowance for dengue research technology.....           Auspex begins pivotal Phase 2/3 clinical trial for SD-809 in Tardive Dyskinesia.....           MYOS enters into R&D agreement with Cloud Pharmaceuticals.....           ViaCyte files investigational new drug application and device master file with FDA for novel cell replacement therapy product candidate designed to treat patients with type 1 diabetes.....           Alkermes begins Phase I trial of ALKS 8700 to treat multiple sclerosis.....           Pfizer releases positive results from Phase III trial of BeneFIX to treat hemophilia B.....           Pfizer agrees to buy InnoPharma for $360m.....           OncoMed initiates Phase 2 ALPINE clinical trial of Tarextumab.....           Isis Pharmaceuticals initiates Phase 2 study of ISIS-APO(a) in patients with high Lp(a).....           Glenmark Pharma to build new manufacturing plant in US.....           Mymetics to manufacture Imugene's Virosome based HER-Vaxx cancer immunotherapy.....           Lilly, Immunocore to jointly discover and develop new cancer therapies.....           Adynxx begins Phase II trial of AYX1 for prevention of post-surgical pain.....           Boehringer gets FDA breakthrough status for IPF treatment for nintedanib.....           Octapharma gets FDA approval for immune thrombocytopenic purpura therapy Octagam 10%.....           Arkansas stiff-arms CF patients seeking Vertex's $300K drug Kalydeco: WSJ.....           Novartis offloads share of LTS Lohmann to SAP billionaire Hopp, gaining $400M.....           Novartis sales flag on Diovan generics, but CEO promises cost cuts will fuel profits.....           Salix scores another FDA green light with approval for angioedema med Ruconest.....           New scrutiny for GlaxoSmithKline after news of 2001 bribery-related housecleaning in China.....           Ackman to Allergan shareholders: Valeant's offer won't last forever.....           FDA accepts to review POZEN's NDA refiling for PA8140/PA32540 tablets.....           ChromaDex begins first human clinical study to confirm ChromaDex's NIAGEN Nicotinamide Riboside will increase NAD+.....           ImQuest to initiate clinical trials of a Vaginal Gel for the prevention of HIV transmission to women.....           Isis Pharmaceuticals earns $1 million from GSK for advancing ISIS-TTR Rx.....           MediWound announces NexoBrid marketing approval from Israeli Ministry of Health.....           BioLineRx reports results from Phase 1/2 study for celiac treatment.....           Basilea seeks European approval for isavuconazole to treat invasive mold infections.....           FDA designates opioid overdose treatment for fast track development program.....           Banner Alzheimer's Institute partners with Novartis in new study of Alzheimer's prevention treatments.....           CVS/pharmacy launches exclusive radiance PLATINUM line of preservative-free vitamins and supplements.....           Celsion announces commercialization of reagent products.....           Pendopharm gets Health Canada approval for hepatitis C drug Ibavyr.....           Iroko Pharmaceuticals, EMS collaborate to commercialize Zorvolex in Brazil.....           Harlan, Fluofarma partner to strengthen drug discovery, translational medicine services.....           FDA grants priority review for Medivir's sNDA for Olysio-sofosbuvir combination.....           ZS Pharma completes patient enrollment in phase III trial of hyperkalemia treatment.....           Sanofi and others hit hard by India's price caps on heart and diabetes drugs.....           Ex-China staffers sue GSK for 'illegal' termination amid bribery scandal.....           J&J's new fixer turns consumer division back into a profit center.....           Dublin-based Perrigo could be up next for a tax-inversion deal.....           FDA garbles social media education, but social media discipline is clear enough.....           Pfizer amps up its 'Get old' campaign with more content, more social media.....           Reuters: Sanofi in $8.5B sell-off talks with Mylan, Abbott, private equity.....           Pfizer joins crowd of companies snapping up sterile injectable players.....           FDA accepts sBLA, grants priority review for Genentech?s cervical cancer therapy Avastin plus.....           BIAL, moksha8 partner to commercialize Eslicarbazepine Acetate in Brazil and Mexico.....           Makers of OTC medicines respond to pediatrics study on units of measurement on liquid medicines.....           Otsuka, Lundbeck file NDA for brexpiprazole to treat schizophrenia and MDD.....           Private equity plus Big Pharma carve-outs equals gold? Well, maybe.....           J&J's powerhouse drug launches drive 21% boost to Q2 pharma sales.....           Teva rebel investor Landa's gearing up for a proxy fight--and he can win, he says.....           Roche's Avastin up for another lift with fast-track cervical cancer review.....           Fifth Circuit backs shield against branded pharma's liability for generic harms.....           Merck is aiming to revive Zilmax sales, but it's not that easy after safety scare.....           Trevi Therapeutics starts pivotal study of Nalbuphine ER in hemodialysis patients.....           Upsher-Smith launches generic equivalent to Qudexy XR extended-release capsules.....           Genmab to receive milestone payment in DuoBody platform collaboration with Janssen.....           Anthera acquires Sollpura for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency from Eli Lilly.....           Targacept Phase IIb trial in Alzheimer?s disease fails to show superiority of TC-1734 over Donepezil.....           Hemispherx Biopharma, Bioclones join forces on novel therapeutic cancer vaccine.....           FDA approves Salix?s RELISTOR subcutaneous injection sNDA.....           FDA accepts to review Teva's NDA for Albuterol MDPI.....           Mylan agrees to buy non-US specialty, branded generics assets from Abbott for $5.3bn.....           Medac gets FDA approval for Rasuvo injection to treat rheumatoid arthritis, pJIA and psoriasis.....           Codexis, GSK enter into technology collaboration, license agreement.....           Adocia to start Phase IIa clinical study of HinsBet in Type 1 Diabetes.....           ProStrakan agrees to acquire Archimedes Pharma.....           Sanofi Pasteur releases positive results from Phase III dengue vaccine trial.....           Genticel's Phase II study with ProCervix passes the halfway mark for patient recruitment.....           Roche's Phase III trial of melanoma combination therapy meets primary endpoint.....           Mylan beefs up outside the U.S. with $5.3B deal for Abbott drug business.....           China indicts PI and his American wife for 'illegal' activities in GSK bribery probe.....           Shire finally comes to AbbVie's buyout table, thanks to $53B-plus bid.....           Riled by $84,000 Sovaldi, Senate panel digs into Gilead's Pharmasset buy.....           Teva's picked its next chairman, rebel investor Landa says--and he's not in favor.....           Irish workers can thank Pfizer's off-patent meds for saving their jobs.....           Sunovion gets Canadian approval for Aptiom to treat partial-onset seizures.....           BrightFocus announces 55 new grant recipients for Alzheimer's and vision disease research.....           Actavis confirms generic Diclegis patent challenge.....           Ipsen, Galderma become exclusive partners for development and marketing of neurotoxins.....           Helix BioPharma announces completion of private placement.....           RSS NEWSFEED....
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The Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences is the professional body for the Pharmaceutical Sciences in United Kingdom. A Pharmaceutical Scientist is an individual who contributes to bringing a new drug from concept through to a medicinal product. This includes, but is not exclusive to, individuals in academia, industry, regulation, clinical research and manufacturing.

The mission of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences is to champion innovation and opportunity in Pharmaceutical Sciences for the delivery of medicines.

In order to achieve this mission, our aims are to:

  • Promote the Pharmaceutical Sciences to stakeholders to facilitate understanding and achieve engagement
  • Share learning, drive collaboration, partnership and innovation
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Latest News
APS Blog - Brendan Gilmore 'Is the tide really turning on antibiotic research stagnation?'
. Last week, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced the launch of a Commission on Antimicrobial Resistance, the first global leader to declare the need for immediate global action to halt the rise of antibiotic resistance, promote public engagement, education and stewardship to arrest the global over-use of antibiotics and examine the economic and market barriers to global antibiotic research and development which have seen the last three decades of the ‘antibiotic era’ characterized by a dearth of research into new chemical diversity in the antibiotic arsenal, as major Big Pharma players exited the field and no new classes of antibiotics marketed for a quarter of a century. The Commission will be chaired by the world-renowned economist, Dr Jim O’Neill (former Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs and creator of the BRIC acronym to represent the four major developing economies Brazil, Russia, India and China which symbolize the decentralization of global economic power away from the G7 countries). The commission, hosted and funded by the Wellcome Trust, will produce a major international review, examining the broader issues of incentivizing the antibiotic drug pipeline, the economic issues surrounding antimicrobial resistance and improved use and stewardship of our existing antimicrobial agents. Quoting from the Wellcome Trust, the commission is tasked with examining the following themes:. the development, use and regulatory environment of antimicrobials, especially antibiotics, and explore how to make investments in new antibiotics more attractive to pharmaceutical companies and other funding bodies. the balance between effective and sustainable incentives for investment, and the need to conserve antimicrobial drugs so they can remain effective for as long as possible how governments and other funders can stimulate investment in new antimicrobials, and timeframes and mechanisms for implementation. increasing international cooperation and support for action by the international community, including much closer working with low- and middle-income countries on the issue”. Although the announcement has received a widespread welcome in the UK and beyond, the Prime Minister has received some criticism for appointing an economist (rather than a scientist, presumably) to chair the commission. However, the acknowledgement that the stagnation of antibiotic innovation on a scale which is failing to meet the demands of global antibiotic use in the face of mushrooming antibiotic resistance is primarily due to economic barriers is a critical one. Furthermore, as developing economies flourish, the rise in demand for antibiotics soars, supporting fledgling healthcare systems, agriculture-based economies and ageing populations. A commission chair with expert knowledge of BRIC and other emerging economies, themselves major global consumers of antibiotics and key targets for public educational and antimicrobial stewardship programmes, may yet prove a significant move. The commission commences its activities in the autumn, initially for a period of one year.. This establishment of the commission comes hot on the heels of the announcement that antibiotics, has been chosen as the challenge theme (as voted for by the British public) for the £10m Longitude Prize 2014. The challenge set for the Longitude Prize is to develop a cost-effective, accurate, rapid and easy-to-use test for bacterial infections to enable healthcare professionals across the globe to select and administer the right antibiotic for a particular infection, at the right time. Such point-of-care diagnostics will form the basis of strategies to curb the inappropriate use of antibiotic agents, protecting the limited arsenal of antimicrobial agents available against emerging antibiotic resistance. The challenge is open, as in the spirit of the original prize, to both amateur scientists and the professional scientific community to put forward ideas on how to solve it. The Longitude Prize, a £20,000 (today c. £2m) challenge established by an Act of Parliament, to find a practical solution that could find longitude accurate to half a degree (equivalent to 2 minutes), was awarded 300 years ago to John Harrison for his invention of the marine chronometer. John Harrison was a joiner and clockmaker with little formal education, whose invention allowed accurate global positioning and ensured Britain’s position as a naval super power. In parallel, John Hadley and Tobias Mayer perfected the apparatus and astronomical tables, which allowed longitudinal measurements via the lunar distance method. It can only be hoped that the prize will again give rise to more than one approach to solve the intractable problem of antimicrobial resistance. The Longitude Committee, led by Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees, are now finalizing the criteria for award of the £10 million prize, with proposals accepted from this autumn.. In May 2014, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) announced that combating antimicrobial resistance would become a key strategic priority, in line with the UK Department of Health Five Year Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy (2013-2018), calling for improved knowledge and understanding of antimicrobial resistance, conservation and stewardship of the efficacy of existing treatments and stimulation of the development of new antibiotics (and their alternatives), diagnostics and novel therapies. Also, in May 2014, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Pharmaceutical Sciences Expert Advisory Panel (PS-EAP) published ‘New medicines, Better Medicines, Better Use of Medicines – A Guide to the Science Underpinning Pharmaceutical Practice’, highlighting the major challenges and opportunities faced when creating new medicines, improving existing medicines or ensuring better, safer use of medicines. In addition, the document makes seven recommendations for action arising from the challenges highlighted. Recommendation two of the guide is “stimulating new antimicrobial development and improving antimicrobial stewardship”.. So, clearly the political, societal and scientific will is behind the development of new antimicrobial drugs, education and stewardship for protection of those we have available and development of new therapies for infectious diseases. The crisis of antimicrobial resistance, leads to significant opportunities for the UK science and technology sector in leading the world in new antimicrobial agents and therapies and technologies aimed at point-of-care diagnosis of infection to facilitate appropriate, judicious use of antibiotics and other antimicrobial agents.. The APS microbiology and anti-infectives focus group seeks to be at the forefront of underpinning the importance of microbiology in the pharmaceutical sciences, public engagement on antimicrobial stewardship and providing a forum for the scientific discussion of cutting edge antimicrobials research and development in these exciting times for antimicrobial chemotherapy..
Contribute to a Round Table discussion on the development of a Manufacturing Classification System with speaker and contributors from Astra Zeneca, BMS and GSK.
. On Tuesday 9th September 2014; 16:20 to 17:50 at the APS Pharm Sci Conference 2014. Speaker: Gavin Reynolds (AZ). Co-chairs: Michael Leane (BMS), Kendal Pitt (GSK).. This roundtable session will introduce the concept of a drug product Manufacturing Classification System (MCS) based on processing route and seeks feedback from the wider pharmaceutical science community on the best way to apply it to practice. The MCS is intended as a tool for pharmaceutical scientists to rank the feasibility of different processing routes for the manufacture of oral solid dosage forms, based on selected properties of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and the needs of the formulation. The proposed MCS could be used to develop a risk assessment for manufacturing based on “ideal” ranges for API physical properties and therefore indicate how robust a manufacturing process is likely to be in relation to those properties.. The four classes proposed are:. Class I: Direct Compression Class II: Dry Granulation Class III: Wet Granulation Class IV: Other Technologies. Input from interested parties is needed to develop this concept. In particular, feedback is sought on what API properties are important when selecting or modifying materials to enable an efficient pharmaceutical manufacturing process.
Join the APS Pharm Sci Conference debate
Monday 8th September 7.00pm onwards. The APS Pharm Sci Conference is great for networking and this year there are more opportunities than ever. For example why not join the debate on Monday 8th September at 7.00pm in the De Havilland Club on the University campus? While getting your thoughts together on the topic ‘The role of universities in open innovation research: academic entrepreneurship or industrial exploitation?’ you can enjoy a light buffet and liquid refreshments (which may or may not help the thought process!) for just £10!. The event is sponsored by the University of Hertfordshire and the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst and provides a great chance to make contacts from these two institutions, have some intellectual stimulation and network with conference participants. You can even adjourn to the bar afterwards to continue discussions!. You can either register for the Conference and this event or for the event by itself at
SME showcase at APS Pharm Sci Conference 2014:
Tuesday 9th September from 12.35- 13:30 . The SME Showcase at APS Pharm Sci has become an annual ‘go to’ event for SMEs who want to get their ideas, products and services recognised.. Martino Picardo This year we are fortunate to have Martino Picardo (CEO of the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst) as our plenary speaker at the session. He, fellow SBC members and session attendees will be available to offer advice and provide contacts. Who knows this might provide the launch pad for your company!. The SME Showcase session is a tangible example of how the Conference theme ‘Working together for Patients’ can be translated into reality.. If you would like to present at the Showcase please contact or with a short abstract (250 words) of your intended presentation..
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